“Living in Walberswick just a short walk from the North Sea and overlooking the River Blyth, our garden is a challenge, a constant battle with the strong winds and salt in the air. We spent a number of years trying to plant and manage the garden but with only limited success. When we saw other gardens remodelled by Plan to Garden, we commissioned Richard to create an interesting but low maintenance garden. We wanted colours and scent and a number of areas where we could live and entertain, using the natural vistas and shelter available.

Richard and his team and his expert contractors developed the agreed plan and over a six month period transformed the space, creating new hard landscape and extensive planting.

Plan to-Garden now provide regular garden maintenance and this again is a key part of our feeling of gratitude to Richard and the team for solving our garden challenge so that we now enjoy a new and interesting environment admired by all our visitors. Thank you. “

- From a client in Walberswick

“Richard and his team at Plan to Garden are passionate about gardens. It’s not just that they’re highly expert and skilled; it’s that they really want to create beautiful gardens. They put an enormous amount of imagination and care into both design and execution. And they are thoroughly nice people who are fun to work with. They provide an “end to end” service, designing, constructing, maintaining, and continuing to develop the garden sensitively and appropriately over time.”

- Alan Howarth

“Having our garden designed by Richard was an education and delight from the moment he stepped through the garden gate, his team are equally delightful and dedicated”

- Sue H

“In 1995 Plan to Garden were commissioned to provide conceptual advice, leading on to detail planning, followed by the execution of a rolling programme of garden development and enhancement, to our two acre garden. Since the completion of the first phase in 1996, Plan to Garden has also undertaken the annual maintenance of the garden.

We have been delighted with the outcome of the work and greatly impressed by the skill and dedication of Richard Martin, his staff and the specialist subcontractors that Plan to Garden has employed. The fact that a single source can be relied upon to deal with every gardening aspect has made our delightful garden even more enjoyable.”

- F. Henderson