Our services

Plan to Garden offers a comprehensive range of services, allowing clients to choose exactly what areas of our expertise they require.

Advice and Consultancy

In addition to our comprehensive garden assessment, design and planning services, we offer a paired-back service in the form of advice and consultancy as required. This could take the form of a one-off visit to address a particular issue, such as maintenance and care of decking, resin drives or even turf and lawn care. We can also help with plant selection for a challenging spot in your garden, or a longer-term approach, where advice and consultation is required for an ongoing project.

Our advice and consultancy service is valuable for gardeners who enjoy managing their own projects, but want access to and influence from more specialist knowledge. We can even help the keen gardener source rare and unusual plants (many of which are not readily available from local nurseries and garden centres).

Assessment, Design and Planning

Garden assessment, survey, design and planning forms the largest part of our business and is where our extensive specialist garden design, landscaping and horticultural knowledge, expertise and creativity can transform an initial concept into a stunning reality, be it a small feature, or large and ambitious public space.

At an initial site visit, we will meet with the client to discuss their aspirations for the garden and determine what is required from the space, both in terms of aesthetic garden design and functionality. Following the visit an overall outline garden design plan can be drawn up, taking the factors discussed into careful consideration. If required, a fully detailed planting plan can also be provided.

In some cases, we will also draw on the expertise of garden lighting and irrigation specialists, with whom we have close links. Once agreed with the client, a detailed quotation will be supplied for implementing the plan this will cover all areas including all groundworks, civil engineering, water features, steel edging, garden building installation, soil preparation, supplying trees, hedges and plants.

If this service is above and beyond the requirements of the client, we also offer a scaled-back advice and consultancy service which can be used for to address particular issues, such as material selection or choice of plant, or a longer-term approach where help is required for an ongoing project.

Implementation and Construction of Plan

Once our assessment, design and planning phase has been completed and the plan approved, we begin its implementation. Our own team has the skills and experience to ensure the smooth running of the project with the minimum amount of disruption to the client, be it a small garden, commercial project or vast and ambitious private vision; each have their own issues to overcome and impacts from any disruptions – we are always courteous, respectful and resourceful. After all, garden design and landscaping should be as much as about the experience and journey as it is the final product.

In some cases, where other specialist input is required, we will work closely with a number of trusted contractors, including garden irrigation and lighting design specialists, to ensure a seamless garden design process – from initial concept through to the successful completion of the project. We also have trusted suppliers for everything from fence panels and timber, to plants, glass and to every supplementary garden-design-related product, material or service we could possibly require – and if we can’t find something we need, we’ll design and build it ourselves.

Plant Management and Garden Maintenance

In addition to our Assessment, Design and Planning services, all gardens, be they small, large, wild or boutique, need ongoing care and attention – some more than others, of course, subject to your unique requirements in this respect. As such, once the project is completed, we can help keep it looking its best. We offer to either maintain the garden for the client on a regular or less frequent basis, or alternatively provide guidance to enable the client to carry out the work themselves.

Our garden maintenance service is also available to clients who already have established gardens. In some cases, gardens that we have initially maintained have later gone on to become redesign and development projects. We offer this service no matter what the requirement, be it looking after plants and lawns, trees or hedges, through to the maintenance of garden pathways and garden buildings and structures, lighting, fencing or anything else; we stay one step ahead of what the seasons require and communicate flawlessly and provide updates as to works carried out and recommendations for garden design or maintenance requirements.