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Client brief

The existing garden included a steep, overgrown bank approximately 40 metres long and with a drop of 5 metres, that was proving difficult to garden. The clients required a design solution that would incorporate the bank seamlessly into the rest of the garden and give access to the lower areas. Ease of manageability was also important factor.

Plan to Garden Approach

As the garden already included strong, classic elements, we suggested the incorporation of an Italian scheme. We terraced the original steep bank with ‘Spanish Steps’ providing access to all areas, and added seating areas to promote full enjoyment of the vista. The area has been broken up further by the addition of pools and waterfalls giving auditory stimulation. Carefully planned planting provides a sensory experience. At night, the whole area is lit to give a stunning and very different atmosphere. This was a large scale project that took over 7 months to complete.